Had an Asus t102h touch tablet w win 10 that I no longer need so i put kali on it to use as a learning tool.

after installation, the bios and asus boot logo are correct orientation, but when grub starts its 90 degrees rotated left.

after login the touchpad and touchscreen are also incorrectly matched to the left rotation making touch useless and the touchpad a pain.

in terminal i ran "xrandr -o right" and everything resolves... (auto rotation works but not the touchpad as a side note

i added the above to the startup script but it only starts after loggin so the log in screen remains sideways, as does grub and bootup posts.

i also noticed that the screen resolution is swapped which would account to the incorrect orientation, but i do not how to change that, especially since it appears with grub to start but not before.
also, screen brightness control doesnt work, its always maxed but not a big deal at this point, but if someone also knows how to fix that

thanks all! love the new theme too, last time i used kali was a few years ago and it was quite dated looking.