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Thread: Cannot install Kali Linux on Chromebook Asus Flip C302 (m5)

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    Cannot install Kali Linux on Chromebook Asus Flip C302 (m5)


    I currenty have: ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 with Intel Core m5, Touchscreen, 64GB storage and 4GB RAM, 12.5", C302CA-DH54

    I downloaded the image from: (ASUS Chromebook Flip (minnie)).

    After some fiddling around I both dd'ed that to a USB drive and also a SD card.

    I did boot in dev mode, enabled usb boot (and also legacy boot, as I do have SeaBIOS as well).

    When booting one needs to Ctrl+U to boot from USB -> I get a beep and a black screen (flash).
    I tried booting from legacy via Ctrl+L > press Esc > select the drive > message "Booting from Hard Disk" and there it gets stuck. (the same for the SD card)

    So my guess is that the above img (the Minnie one) doesn't have the correct kernal/drivers/etc? If not, is there an image I can find to install Kali Linux on my platform?

    If Minnie should work, what else could I check?

    Thank you in advance. Should I need to gather any logs or anything, please inform me which command to run and I'll try to copy that on a pastebin for review.

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    Actually, looking at the CPU, it's not an ARM and thus you probably need to use the regular x86/64 image.

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    So, I tested that today and the issue is the same. Seems it's not the correct installer either. Is there like a request you can do somewhere to have it compiled for this setup?

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    Try putting in a bug report at You'll need to create an account first

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