I have been trying to boot from both a USB and SD card on a Chromebook 3 running Celes. I have tried both ARMs for previous Chromebooks [Peach and Snow] and have been unsuccessful. Developer mode is enabled, and the crossystem settings for boot_usb, boot_legacy, and boot_signed_only have been adjusted. When trying to boot from a USB/SD [ctrl+u] I receive on beep. When trying to legacy boot [ctrl+l] I receive 2 beeps. Upon further review, I have found that Google Celes does not have SeaBIOS installed. I have the following questions:

- Is the Chromebook 3 limited to needing it's own ARM? If so, when will one be available?
- If not ARM dependent, which of the previous Chromebook ARMs would be the best to use?
- If the ARM is not the issue, am I limited to the John Lewis script [https://johnlewis.ie/custom-chromebo...rom-download/] that will modify the Celes firmware?

Currently, the only workaround is to use Crouton, which is definitely not a preference.

Help is greatly appreciated. Cheers!