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Thread: Network/repository issue (ThinkPad e560)

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    Network/repository issue (ThinkPad e560)

    I have this e560 (the i7 model). I got it off of someone cheap because Windows was having issues like usual and they were trying to upgrade anyways. So I figured I'd just pop a distro on and be good. Well for the most part that's true.

    Here's the thing, I'm limited on hardware. I lost my larger flash drive, I only have a 1 GB drive so I am trying the Kali mini install. I hook up the ethernet, it's definitely in.. But it will not connect. I can't do the drivers/updates/package manager during the install. The internet works right after the install on the desktop, but not during. So now I have no package manager, no updates and no drivers. The package manager is done during the install and requires a connection.

    It's a direct wired connection when I do the install so is there anything else I can do here? Other than buy a larger flash drive with a different OS? lol....

    I also have Ubuntu Mini but for whatever reason it won't read the other 1 GB USB, so there's that too.


    I don't have gcc or anything to compile the source for synaptic or another package manager. I already tried. Apparently Kali mini does not come with this, unfortunately.
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