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Thread: Hydra & Patator with Cloud GPUs

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    Hydra & Patator with Cloud GPUs

    I'm trying to get inside a test Wordpress admin panel by bruteforcing user and password. I have a very large dictionary that contains both the username and the password. I'm using Kali Linux Rolling in Live Mode.

    The command is:
    hydra http-form-post "/wp-login.php:log=^USER^&pwd=^PASS^:ERROR" - L dictionary.dic -P Dictionary.dic -t 10 -w 30
    Speed is approx 500 tries per minute, which is ok for very basic demonstration purposes, but totally crazy in a real-scenario simulation.

    I wonder if I can use multiple AWS Kali instances with powerful GPUs to enhance the computational power of hydra and/or patator.
    I was looking for Amazon info and prices, looks like a request for pen test is required, and then we can set up kali instances and get, like, 16 extra GPUs for a couple of dozen dollars per hour. I know it can works with hashcat, but what about hydra and other services?
    Which options do I have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amzker View Post
    here not allow post like your
    remove it

    i've gated 2 infraction point to ans post like your post
    remove it
    Hello Amzker.
    Would you be so kind to highlight the 2 infraction points you see in this post?
    Forum official guide lines state that:

    GENERAL USE. This section of the forum is for posts that do not quite fit into one of the other provided categories.
    Questions about tools in Kali, should be posted in this section only.
    Thus, category is correct.

    Questions about penetration testing tools.
    Please note that Kali Linux contains a variety of security tools, developed and maintained by various members of the community. Our project packages certain tools to be included in our distribution. If you find a bug in a certain tool which is not configuration related, PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS BUG IN OUR FORUMS.
    This post is not about a bug, then it is relevant.

    6. Ethical guidelines.
    Any advice/information offered on these forums is to be used for the legal informational/professional/educational purposes for which it is intended.
    We will not tolerate any questions pertaining to illegal activities. Any indication of illegal activities in your post will result in an immediate ban and deletion of your account from the forums.
    My question is for educational purposes. I will quote myself and remember you that:
    Quote Originally Posted by krats
    I have a very large dictionary that contains both the username and the password.
    and by that I mean the correct username and password: I have "appended" them at the end of the dictionary.

    To the best of my knowledge, there are no reasons why this post should not be allowed.
    However, since I am new here, and I have strong respect for rules and guidelines, If I am missing anything I would be glad if you could show me the correct way to deal with this topic, or contribute to the discussion otherwise.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Last edited by krats; 2018-01-22 at 14:08.

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    No problem, amzker

    Anyone with some knowledge about this?

    Thank you very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by amzker View Post
    join my telegram channel to this type talk and proper and fast solution
    I notice you trying to push your site a lot.

    Can you explain to me why I should download software for the privilege of joining your little club
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