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Thread: which method choose to install Kali

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    Post which method choose to install Kali


    After have read some topic on this subject, and don't know which option is the best for my needs that i will explain you :

    I have already a W10 OS installed and would like to use Kali linux with GPU features available (meaning hashcat and some others softwares)

    What would be the best method to have it without touch any booting option of my W10 install,
    i would like to avoid any grub loader before windows and chose the HDD that i would like to boot with it as an usb key

    the different options that i have thinked currently is :

    to install it over W10 with vmware but after have read some topic on this it seem to not work due to the direct access to the hardware but not very clear
    to install it on a usb stick with a persistent mode and do the update/Upgrade after (I currently try this solution but take lot of time for the upgrade)
    To install it on a dedicated partition but what about the booting option during the installation ?
    Other method that i don't have thinked about

    What will be the best option for that i want to have ?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback

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    If I'm correct, what you can do is install it on an external drive. It can be a thumbdrive or HDD. Then when prompted for the grub bootloader location, use the drive on which you installed it.

    From there, once you boot your computer, you'll have to open the boot menu and make it boot on the external drive.

    I think you can install it on a separate partition and install the bootloader on a separate thumbdrive but I've never tried that option.

    I wouldn't use persistence in this case.

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    Follow the dual-boot with Windows tutorial in the installation documentation section of the Kali website.
    It will have you come up on Kali live first(either usb or dvd) to shrink your Windows NTFS partition so that you have a 20GB+ "unallocated" space. Then you reboot and come up again in the graphical Kali installer.
    Should not be a big deal. Follow the doc. Now, if you have the Windows 10 installation built on top of a bios-managed, intel rapid-storage-technology RAID-0/1/5,etc. device like I do, then yeah, ok, sort of a big deal. I'm trying to figure that 1 now. I don't want to blow away the windows 10 installation and RAID-0 that I'm running.

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