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Thread: Kali will not boot.

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    Kali will not boot.

    Tried booting Kali Linux with Windows 10. After installing Kali Linux freshly onto my laptop, I was able to get every thing working until after clicking onto "kali GNU/Linux" to boot up. After 20 seconds I get this and nothing happens.

    Excuse the terrible image.

    Done this many times on all of my other windows 7 laptop's/desktops with no issue but seems nothing is working. Every thing is installed correctly including the boot loader. Recovery mode work's when givin root password tho. First time in the forums so any help and quick responses would be absolutely great.

    ~i 7700HQ
    NVIDIA Gtx 1050ti
    16GB ram~

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    When you reach grub menu press e to open grub parameters. There replace the word quiet with nomodeset quiet splash. Then press F10 to boot.

    To make this change permanent once you boot kali, do the same in /etc/default/grub.conf and run sudo update-grub.

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    Mine does the same thing, just leave it as is until it boots. It will boot after a long moment.

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