I am having issues working with kali linux lately

I am automaticaly getting logged off of my machine well its not quite just a log off as all the running applications are closed and all the unsaved work is lost and i am sent back to the login screen.
I am unable to pin point the exact cause but i think gnome crashes whenever i open firefox its not like it crashes immediately(sometimes it does) but if i try to do some work on it, it crashes randomly it's a bit hard to explain so i have recorded the issue just incase any of u want to see it i can share it.

So far only running firefox has triggered these crashes (that ik of) there could be other causes
note - currently i donot have a proper ui login screen (as i tried to fix this issue on my own but somehow managed to get rid of the gnome's login screen :P its just i have to use startx to start desktop environment but its not the issue as initially i crashed back to gnomes login screen now i crash back to a fullscreen terminal in where i have to type startx to start the desktop environment again and see everything i was doing was gone.)

Its really a super annoying bug (maybe maybe an addon is causing it but i have no clue )

some additional information:
--kali GNU/Linux Rolling
--architecture amd64
--hardware intel centrino duo (yes ik its very old but it hasnt caused problems until recently + i can run other apps too for as much time as i want that includes the terminal which may help in fixing the issue)
--desktop environment gnome
--there is some visible error but its too huge to type its in the video though i guess the same is displayed in /var/log/Xorg.0.log but i would tell you to check both video and the log file i posted in order to get a better understanding..

video link: https://vimeo.com/254639618
log file link: https://www.scribd.com/document/370950733/Xorg-0 (not 100% sure if its related )

PS:I am new to this website dunno much i hope this time i didnt violate any rules

if u need any other information about my current situation just ask me i'll try to fetch as much info as possible i hope i am bieng descriptive in the above post but its really hard to explain....

a little help on this issue is appreciated!