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Thread: Install insists on RAID, don't want

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    Install insists on RAID, don't want

    Hi -- I'm trying to install Kali Linux on my lenovo flex 2-15. I'm NOT trying to dual boot, rather just trying to make a clean install on the hard drive. Right now it is supposed to have a dual boot with Win8 and Mint Linux, but the grub boot loader seems to have a problem and I can only get in to Mint. When I try to make an install of Kali, it seems intent on configuring my hard drive as a software raid, which is just silly with only one hard drive. I tried to get it not to do this, but that screwed up the install process altogether. So I grudgingly just accepted the defaults. But then there was trouble with the grub boot loader. I found a work around in this forum, and attempted to use it, but it failed complaining about an 'uknown device type: raid device'. It seems like the simplest thing would be to just install without RAID, as I wanted initially.

    Will the manual install process allow this? Should I try that? I haven't wanted to waste more time on this without knowing I'm heading in the right direction.

    During install the Kali installer finds an SSD drive that I didn't know was there. It doesn't show up in the BIOS, which seems weird. I wonder if this is the cause of the problem?

    My machine is a Lenovo Flex 2-15 with
    Intel I5-420U
    6GB RAM
    500GB Seagate hard drive
    And apparently an SSD with, if I recall correctly from the kali install process, about 200 GB

    Thanks in advance

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    Could you show a screenshot of the exact thing that made you say it insists on RAID?

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