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Thread: 64 Bit Boot Wont Complete on Home Desktop

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    64 Bit Boot Wont Complete on Home Desktop

    Having issues with Kali hanging in different places everytime I attempt to boot it off of my desktop PC. Normally it hangs at ath: phy0: DMA failed to stop in 10 ms. However, since I full distro upgraded with apt on Kali, it’s gotten passed that point but doesn’t always. It still hangs on the DMA, but the alternative places it hangs would include “Slice User Slice of gdm” where it just freezes even if I let it for hours, and I had one occasion where it froze at starting user manager. The irritating thing to me is that the flash drive boots fine off my school’s 64 bit machines and my trash laptop at home, but my 64 bit gaming PC isn’t something it wants to boot off of. Further, when my OS was 32 bit with an i386 architecture it would load perfectly fine on my desktop, but I assume something with the amd64 architecture doesn’t want to work. Also, I can’t drop into a shell using Ctrl + Alt + F2 on my desktop but can when on my laptop. Recovery mode with text won’t work because I use a USB keyboard which stops functioning once I try to select an option in the Debian installer menu that comes up. My USB does have separate partitions, being a root (I believe it’s called) partition that holds the raw of what I installed from the ISO; I can boot a wiped copy of Kali using this partition but no changes I make will save. The second partition I have is persistence which I used persistence.conf with “/ union” to make cooperate. Again, no issue on other computers, just my own. I did see this forum post: but enabling Network Stacker and IOMMU controller in any combination only prompted further errors as it dropped me into BusyBox stating that it was unable to find a medium containing a live system. Here is my desktop’s build:

    Please respond with clear and detailed instructions on how to go about doing whatever fix you recommend, as I am an intermediate user who is still learning some things. I know the basics on how to run Kali, but I know next to nothing about kernels or how linux as an operating software is able to boot off a computer. Thank you all ahead of time for responding and trying to help me out!

    Edit: Would like to mention that I attempted to manually update my graphics drivers by dropping into shell on the trashtop and running service gdm stop so that my desktop manager would be off followed by going to the directory where the 64 bit linux installer for my graphics card was present and running it, but that just threw an “unable to find the kernel source tree for the currently running kernel”.

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    Determined that the error is stemming from ath: phy0: DMA failed to stop in 10 ms but still no fix.

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    You are not telling the complete errors. Take a screenshot and post here.

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    Isn’t a VM, unsure as to how to get a good picture of my errors.

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