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Thread: Kali-Setup Macbook Pro - missing touchpad and bluetooth

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    Kali-Setup Macbook Pro - missing touchpad and bluetooth

    Hy @ Ladies & Gents

    I am trying to install kali Linux 64 Bit on an Macbook Pro late 2016 following this tutorial "".
    The ISO is burned to DVD and booting from the rEFInd installation stated in the above mentioned tutorial. After booting Kali-DVD-Iso it end with Kali/Gnome Graphical User Interface and Kali Wallpaper.

    Next step should be resizing OSX partition to maybe 50 GBytes covering the Kali Linux boot partition, but my touchpad is not initialized as well as my bluetooth to pair mouse and additional keyboard. That means no way to get started with gParted.

    Besides i have to adjust the screen resolution because of a 50+ grannīs eyes only can read this with magnifying glasses.

    It is obvious that these question appears ten times a day so please be so kind and link my to a matching thread where i can find a solution for the following summary:

    - adjusting/reducing screen resolution during Kali-Install

    - Initializing the Touchpad of the MBP during Kali-Install

    - Starting Bluetooth Services to pair Bluetooth Mouse and additional keyboard

    Thanks in advance and best regards


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    When installing a new OS on any machine it is good to have wired keyboard and mouse because most of the time you can't install the drivers you need until after installation. My first idea would be to pre-install the drivers necessary by building your own custom Kali ISO with the drivers already on it, for bluetooth and trackpad, mac hardware always gives linux systems a hard time, especially newer mac's. Getting Kali to run correctly on my 2015 Macbook pro was a headache but it is possible.
    However this link might be able to help Macbook-Pro-Kali-Mac-OS-Dual-Boot-Install-Guide
    Good luck.

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    Hy @ apothicon...,

    thks for Your reply. ;-) Still working on it since 14e4:43xx devices are closed source kali devleoper are acting brave and wise not to offer isoīs out of the box for macintosh devices. Since debian and linux manias are most of the time busy with feeding their hungry homebounds, there seems not enough income left for hardware that is solid like rocks.

    In the meantime i did some kungfu with google and found the missing driver and an easy to read explanation on how PCI devices talk to each other @ Now i am going to look for the cruical touchpad driver. With a little patience and luck it might be possible to get it fixed within the next days. May be it ends in building an iso running an MPB established in series 13.x and 14.x stored mega leaving a link down here.

    Regards Ede

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