Im very proud of myself tonight. Ive spent 3 days trying to install Kali the way I want it and Ive finally succeeded. I must have installed it 40+ times now.

Encrypted LVM EFI on only part of a hard drive! My first problem, which I walked away from and eventually returned to was "grub dummy install failed"

I managed to create a persistence Live Kali which I had to run in rescue mode to boot. I had thought I needed to update it fully and disable that nasty nouveau, but rescue mode did it.

Then I ran the commands to mount this and bind that and installed grub again after it failed in the Kali Install.

So I got grub back. I got windows running. I got Kali running. updated, customized and kernel rebuilt.

Now one issue!

Grub installed somewhere funny. When my laptop boots, it asks me for a password to my cryptsetup. I put the password in and it takes me to grub. Then I choose Kali and it asks me for my password again... Whats the cause of this?

Should I try to install grub to the EFI partition? Thats the only thing thats not encrypted. Last time I screwed with the EFI, I lost windows. Im afraid to mess with it.