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Thread: Network Bridging with Kali

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    Network Bridging with Kali

    hi all Im a long time user first time poster Im using kali since the backtrack days
    I've use air-crack reaver ect ect with the help of forums


    I would like too try somthing new

    how can I bridge wifi network to a wired network

    This is the set up I have in my shed
    Belkin n+ USB wifi adapter
    Connect too a desktop via USB
    witch is connected to my house
    I then shear that connection to the rj45 port where I have a netgear wireless router connect to it and that gives me 30mbs wifI in the shed

    I would like too use kali as my primary OS
    rather than windows OS


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    Not really Kali related, but more of a networking question as I understand it.

    You'll need to set-up your desktop to share the network over wifi, which can be done with hosted network. Or you can just buy a router and plug it before your computer (which will take care of sharing it).

    If you'd like to do bridging with linux, look up netfilter, iptables and brctl tools as well as HostAPd.

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