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Thread: How to install Kali on a Mac and a virtual machine.

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    How to install Kali on a Mac and a virtual machine.

    Dear all,

    I am an absolute newbie and I am a bit confused about the procedures of installments.

    I got a MacBook Pro (late 2013) i7 Processor and would like to run Kali on it, I also read it's better to run it on a VM.

    So, what do I have to do first? Install Kali on the Mac and then run the VM ?
    Or the other way around, I start with installing the VM and then install Kali into the VM ?
    As you can see am I a newbie. please apologize if this question seems to be a bit too easy for you guys.
    Thank You all

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    Install VMware Fusion, download the prebuilt VM and start it.

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