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Thread: Kali on Windows Subsystem for Linux

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    Kali on Windows Subsystem for Linux

    There appears to be two different methods to install Kali on WSL:

    1) Running a python script to get and install the packages as described here:

    2) Installing the Kali app via Windows Store as described here:

    I already had WSL installed for a while and I chose option 2 and it asks for a new username/password. What I don't understand is, does the Kali install via Windows Store use an entire different Bash environment from my original? I had a lot of applications already installed and seems I can only launch Kali on WSL via the Kali App icon and not via Bash on Ubuntu on Windows launcher or by running bash on dos command prompt.

    Also, when I try to run 'service postgresql start' to so I can initial the Metasploit database, I am getting this response:
    -bash: service: command not found

    Anyone tested Kali from installing from Windows Store?

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    I've done it. I had to use some of the commands that a reviewer in the store put up to get it to actually work. Although, I'm now trying to install the GUI and all I get is a bash error "wget: command not found"

    No idea on how to get around it though. There are a lot of commands that I've tried from the command prompt that don't work. I've even gone so far as to 'reset' the install, even uninstall Kali from the store. Nothing works.

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    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install wget
    sudo apt-get install metasploit-framework

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    don't use just upgrade, use dist-upgrade instead.

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    I installed Kali on the Windows Subsystem for Linux both by running the python script and by the Windows Store; for example, ping with the sudo ping command works..... I expected to find tools like nmap or wireshark, can someone tell me if they are already pre-installed or if they can be installed?

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    they arent installed you need to do it your self it doenst come with anything

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