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Thread: Feature Request: Include NTPSEC by default

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    Exclamation Feature Request: Include NTPSEC by default

    Just like the title says, instead of using normal NTP and having to build from source ntpsec from Gitlab, please include it either as part of base installation or as a package that pulls directly from their Gitlab (or their Gitlab to your repository similar to what you do for Debian packages). Link to their project is here: They do have a mirror setup in Github:

    Gitlab appears to be updated more frequently than the mirror on Github (but not much more frequently).

    Justification is to considerably improve security and remove the tons of obsolete code that NTP proper has.

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    I'm not sure it will be added since it is not a security tool per se but feel free to open a "New tool request" on with details.

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    Thanks. I was wondering if there was an official method.

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