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Thread: Impossible to validate ARM image? (RS PI3)

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    Impossible to validate ARM image? (RS PI3)

    I've recently bought a Raspberry pi3. I want to install kali linux on the microSD card which it will be running on. The problem is that I can't validate the kali linux img. I've gone through the documentation but my guess is that the key from offensive security isn't the same as the one from the documentation on Therefor is it even possible to validate it? (I'm running on windows.)
    Thank you for reading.

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    Hi Newatowi,

    it's working for me when I use the following workflow:

    1. Install 7zip (to get the "CRC SHA" explorer extension)
    2. Download
    3. Right click on the downloaded image file and select "CRC SHA" -> "SHA-256"
    4. Compare the output with the hash listed on the download page. This is what I get:

    Checksum information
    Name: kali-linux-2018.1a-rpi3-nexmon.img.xz
    Size: 1615123644 bytes (1540 MB)

    SHA256: 81E842C244CED33BEC0F4B92858C46AB074575C7657B015791 A53E7F12E82052


    This matches the hash listed here.

    What happens when you try these steps?
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