Hello, Forum!I have a notebook, a DVD-RW and a 1TB USB HDD Drive. Recently, I downloaded the latest distribute of Kali Linux for x86 systems. The problem: Can't install Linux through a DVD-RW (Installation Error, simply just that)Actions. Step 1: I burned the image of Kali Linux on DVD-RW and on 1TB USB HDD Drive. I'm using Kali Linux Live Persistence (Encrypted) just fine. Except, that I have troubles with tools upgrading: Kali is set on /dev/sdb/loop0 which has +- 2Gb of space, while /dev/sdb/persistence has over a 800Gb of free space. I believe that upgrades are being installed onto /loop0, but the space it has is not enough. Step 2: I decided to install Kali into my notebook through the 1TB USB HDD Drive (I'm a perv, yeah), but I failed: Kali couldn't find the necessary files... I suspect, it's some kind of protection on that USB HDD Drive that doesn't permit to have access to it (I doubt it's the result of the Encrypted Persistence mode, because I tried to install Kali even before I started to work under Encryption). Step 3: I decided to install Kali Linux using DVD-RW Drive. As I said, I burned the Image using ImgBurn on 1x speed (to burn the image on USB HDD I used the program mentioned in Official Instructions). And everything seemed fine. Everything was OK from choosing a language to partition process. At first, I tried to manage partitions. My notebook has 250Gb free. So I created /root (/) with 35Gb, /swap with 3.0Gb (for notebook has 3Gb RAM) and /home with free space that was left. While installing the system itself I received an error simply called: "Installation error". Step 4: While using Kali Linux Live Persistence (Encrypted) on my USB HDD Drive I decided to check the MD5sum. So I taped: "md5sum -c md5sum.txt" and "md5sum.txt" was om my DVD-RW disk (I'm a perv x2). Everything seemed fine except that line: md5sum: "WARNING: 1 listed file could not be read: md5sum: ./live/filesystem.squashfs: Input/output error ./live/filesystem.squashfs: FAILED open or read". Step 5: While trying to install again and recieveing the same error I created a web-server with a log file.P.S The installation can end at 13% or 30%, if I recall correctly.P.P.S: Notebooks characteristics: RAM: 3.0Gb CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.2.Ghz GPU: Nvidia GFORCE 550m (I believe)Hope that's enough for you guys to understand what's the problem, 'cause I don't BTW, can't do the attachments so here's the link: http://dropmefiles.com/JpPPH