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    hello I wanted to ask if I have the steps I have made so far synonymous vote.
    So my goal is to use wlan monitoring with the internal wlan chip ect
    So my device is nexus 6p
    software 8.0.0 stock rom
    Kernel angler nethunter oreo
    Installed: nexmon as well as the tool and because firmware chip
    So now I have kali nethunter with the chroot just how do I start now monitor mode?
    For that I need source monstart-nh and so on
    In this step how to get these missing files, I found nothing on the internet.
    So I just took the zip from nethunteros for cm and copied the files like monstart-nh into the system / xbin directory
    Is that correct what I did?
    Sorry for my english
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    What missing files?
    What error messages?

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    yes, for example, monstart-nh
    the question is how do I tie nexmon into the kali chroot properly

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