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Thread: How to correctly reinstall Kali over the same partition? [Failed to determine codename release]

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    How to correctly reinstall Kali over the same partition? [Failed to determine codename release]

    Good evening.

    I have searched in this forum for possible similar questions, and only found a similar thread with zero answers. I hope it's because the user didn't give enough details to describe the situation. I'll do my best here below.

    I have installed Kali in dual-boot with macOS Sierra in my Macbook Pro, using a USB stick with kali-linux-2018.1-amd64.
    I have splitted the main SSD (500 GB) into 420 (for macOS) + 80 (for Kali), then I have formatted the 80 GB as 60 GB ext4 + 17 GB of swap memory, and installed Kali in the ext4 partition.
    Then, I wanted to reinstall Kali over the same partition again, to practice with formatting partitions and reinstalling linux os.
    But apparently I did something wrong with the partition, because now I am getting a "failed to determine codename for the release" error and the installation fails. I've just basically erased the partitions (that went unallocated) and re-formatted them into ext4 and swap. Not working though.
    I have researched about this and it seems that this could be some problem with the EFI settings that must be resetted in order to actually reset the partitions for real. At the moment, my 80 GB of SSD are in Dante's Limbus. Any idea?
    Someone says that in this case it might be useful to "remount the usb while installing" but it's not clear to me.
    I have tried with two different kali ISO (kali-linux-2018.1-amd64 and kali-linux-2017.2-amd64).

    My final questions is: have I done something wrong in the "partition formatting phase"? How to correctly format a partition for a fresh new install?
    Or, alternatively, if I did it right, what would you do to bypass my error and complete the installation?

    Thank you in advance for any precious suggestion.

    ps: I have installed rEFInd as a custom boot loader (working)
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