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Thread: Printing From Within the Kali Linux Command Window to an External Printer

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    Printing From Within the Kali Linux Command Window to an External Printer

    Hello Kali users! My name is E4NZIX and this is the first posting I've created. I am currently attending college and pursuing a 4 year transfer degree of BS in IT with a strong emphasis in forensics and security. I am new to the IT community so please take it easy on me. If I post this in the wrong section I sincerely appologize ahead of time. I have a wireless HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer set up for my everyday printing when I'm not using the VM Player. Such as various pages from IE and MS Windows. However when I am inside of a Kali Linux command terminal, I can't figure out how to print what is inside the terminal. If I copy/paste into a Linux document and try to print from there, it says print to file?? It does not have an option to print to my wireless printer. On top of that, ---(outside of the actual Kali terminal)---the VM shows at the top right hand portion, that there is a printer installed and connected with a little green dot in the bottom right corner of the printer. I go to settings and click on printer, and it says its using port 1. Have researched from end of the internet to the other and every forum in between. Theres a lot of talk about installing CUPS, which I've done, and a lot of talk about installing VMware Tools, which are installed and up to date. I don't know what to do before I pull out anymore hair. I have a list pulled up of the tools that are installed in Kali Linux and I'd like to be able to print them out so I can do research on each tool and file it in a three-ringed binder for my own user manual to study. Thank you to whomever can help this poor soul out!
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