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Thread: Freeze after login

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    Freeze after login

    Good morning!

    I am new in this domain.Recently I installed Kali Linux in dual boot with windows 10.I installed Kali after windows 10.

    My specs: nVidia 1050 TI 4GB
    intel i5-7300 HQ

    Kali arhitecture:x64
    I installed the newest version of Kali and I made a bootable stick with rufus.I changed ISO to DD image bcs with ISO,Kali can't mount CD ROM(I tried with execute a shell,but no results)
    After that I tried to login into my account.I put my username(root) and my password.After that Kali freeze.The background is like bakground on login screen.
    I tried to open terminal when I was in login screen with Ctr+Alt+F2,but a black screen appeared with a white line in top left.Also I tried to open terminal with recovery mode.I tried to install nvidia drivers,but no succes.Every time terminal says-Unable to locate nvidia-driver.

    I spend 3 days to resolver this error,but no succes.I understood the reason is nvidia graphics or something,but I don't know if this is the real reason.

    Help me
    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SochuKing View Post
    I installed the newest version of Kali and I made a bootable stick with rufus
    Try to make stick with Win32DiskImager:
    Before that check md5 or any given sha is it ok.
    And if you have those issue again than look for nvida driver issue on forum.
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