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Thread: Unable to configure Masscan

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    Unable to configure Masscan

    I'm trying Exercise 4 of chapter 5 on the Kali Linux Revealed online course:

    I followed all the steps exactly, but when I open up the webpage, I get quite a few errors. I've tried this both on a laptop, and a VM and they both have the exact same errors. Here's a screenshot of the page:

    I double checked, and php-xml is on the list of packages it has you install. To make sure, I tried purging that package, and installing it again. I've double checked the services are running, the config.php files which can be seen on the screenshot, and I've tried reaching the page from the machine itself, and from another computer connecting to it. Any ideas on what's causing these error? Thanks in advance.


    Figured the issue was going to be a wrong version of something, somewhere along the line, but I wasn't really sure how to confirm that. Ended up needing php 7.0 versions of the packages which was resolved by just adding 7.0 to the end of all the installs (apt install php7.0-pgsql php7.0-xml)
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    Glad you got it sorted.

    I've elaborated on my previous post and added a little HOWTO for dealing with these php version mismatches in the Kali training forum:
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    Check out "Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi":

    Now with mana-toolkit and more goodies!

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