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Thread: Integrated Intel graphics not recognized by Kali, black screen

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    Integrated Intel graphics not recognized by Kali, black screen


    Yesterday I installed the newest build of Kali Linux and since then I've been trying to fix an ongoing problem.
    I'm pretty much a newb to Linux and troubleshooting/solving it's problems.

    I have 2 monitors, one(main) is connected to my 1080ti and the other one is connected to my Intel HD graphics.

    I'm having an issue with Kali not detecting the 2nd monitor that's connected to the Integrated graphics.

    I've ran the "lspci | grep -E "VGA|3D" " command and it only showed my 1080ti, no sign of Intel.

    I've downloaded intel gpu tools from Synaptic and installed it but nothing showed up in my applications drawer thingy ma jingy.

    Any advice/solutions?


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    On your BIOS, have you allowed iGPU, because if not, mainboard would not send any graphic signal from cpu

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    Go into BIOS setup and try to check if your BIOS is set to graphical display "BOTH" or "AUTO".
    If it's not set as "AUTO" set it as so.
    Post feedback plz

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