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Thread: No sound output on RPi3B+...

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    Question No sound output on RPi3B+...

    Hi All

    So, I have read many threads on this issue, which seems to be a common one on kali linux. While I appreciate kali is not an audio processing OS... I cannot get any sound out from the RPi3B+ despite doing everything suggested in an old thread on here from 2013.

    I have created a config.txt file and added the relevant line at the end. I have used systemctl to enable and start pulseaudio etc. I have watched several other videos but just can't get any sound to be heard. I am using an external set of speakers connected to the 3.5mm jack connector on my Pi. I have a RPi3B and a RPi3B+ and have checked audio is working on both machines by booting up to raspbian and playing sound through Youtube etc. Both work fine with raspbian.

    I have seen a few videos where a sound icon is present and visible in the 'All Settings - Hardware' pane of system settings, but I don't see any such icon. I have also ensured I have installed alsa-utils (as suggsted in the older thread I alluded to earlier)

    Can anyone offer any advice please as to what I should do next to get sound working.

    Many thanks folks.

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    Hi themusicman,

    a) Add “dtparam=audio=on” to /boot/config.txt
    b) Install alsa-utils
    apt install alsa-utils
    c) run alsamixer, press F6 and pick the number of your bcm2835 soundcard.
    In my case it’s “0” – you specify the card number in the command below with "-c”.
    d) For 3.5 output, type (assuming your card is “0”):
    amixer -c 0 cset numid=3 1
    For HDMI output, type (assuming your card is “0”):
    amixer -c 0 cset numid=3 2
    e) Install volumeicon
    apt install volumeicon-alsa
    volumeicon &
    g) right mouseclick on the speaker icon and set your preference, at least replace
    xterm -e 'alsamixer'
    xfce4-terminal -e 'alsamixer'
    I’d also change “left mouse button action” to “Show Slider”

    Hope that helps,

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