I have a Chromebook XE303C12(snow) which I've successfully installed the Kali system to the internal ssd.
I've also installed all the tools, and am using the same wireless adapter(TL-WN722N)(ath9k) as I was on my x86_64 in virtualbox(which works perfectly).

The problem arises when doing a dump to catch a handshake and sending deauth. The channel is fixed '-1', it states use the ignore flag, or apply a kernel patch. Using the --ignore-negative-one i cannot catch a handshake.

The included kernel is 3.8.11.

Is there a way to make / get a current(4.x) kernel image for the chromebook or, what patch do i need (is it just the module or the kernel?). I've tried grabbing the ARCH mainline 4.x which works well for the arch usb, but the screen goes black on trying to boot kali with it.