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Thread: Problems with WLAN and Grub installation

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    Problems with WLAN and Grub installation

    Hi there,

    i hope that you can held me solving the following problems.

    I try to install kali on a Windesk X10 tablet (intel cpu) by a usb stick.
    When it comes to WLAN config, i see every WLAN network and can select the correcht SSID, but after typing in the correct key i get:

    Key exchange failure check the wpa/wpa2 parameters you provided.

    When i try to use a open, non-encrypted WLAN, i get a dhcp error.Because of that, packet-manager/net install doesn't work during installation.
    I only have a WLAN connection. There is no RJ45 port, to use a cable.

    This - i think - could cause my next problem:

    Grub doesn't install. I get this error and i skip bootloader installation:

    You will need to boot manually with the /vmlinuz kernel on partition /dev/mmcblk1p2 and root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 passed as a kernel argument.

    The rest of the installation is fine.
    I know that there is no bootloader now to boot kali from hdd.
    Can i use kali boot stick to boot my fresh hdd installation? And how does it work?
    I have no clue... tried to "cd" to this path via shell and it seems locked.

    Thanks for help :-)

    P.S: Kali live doesn't boot either, only the installation.

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    The lack of wifi is not a problem for the installation AFAIK.

    I'm not familar with such boot but I would try installing the bootloader on a separate thumbdrive formatted to ext4 (+ bootable flag). Just plug that one when installing then tell the installer to install grub on it. Then use that new thumbdrive to boot.

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    You don't need internet connection to install kali. You skip that step and it isn't the cause of your next problem.

    No you cannot use kali bootable USB to boot kali from HDD but you can manually install grub in your HDD using that USB.

    Follow the steps here to install grub: UEFI-How-to-repair-kali-linux-grub-dual-boot-with-Windows-10

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