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Thread: Kali Linux Live USB working - Persistence keeps failing

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    Kali Linux Live USB working - Persistence keeps failing

    Hi All,

    I recently posted a thread "Persistence not working on Kali Linux Live USB - MacOS High Sierra".

    I received some good feed back and followed one set of instructions regarding loading Kali iso onto a usb then making it persistence.

    Once again, i manage to boot into Kali but despite following the many tutorials to the T, persistence doesn't seem to want to work. Each an every time i reboot, the test folder i make disappears and the persistence partition reappears

    I think it may be down to the reboot process but I could be wrong.

    Firstly i'm given the option to choose either Macintosh HD or EFI, i select EFI. Next i'm given options that no one else seems to be getting. I thought I should be getting the standard blue Kali Linux Boot Menu where you can choose the Kali Live persistence option, but I get the following! copy 3.jpg copy 2.jpg copy.jpg

    I hope the images have attached. I have tried setting up Kali and persistence in all the different ways suggested on here and the tutorials but these menus don't seem to come into play on any of the tutorials. Can anyone please give me a pointer in which way to go. I've tried selecting option 2 then 5 for persistence, but no joy there either.

    This is what I do to make persistence
    open gparted
    select correct drive
    select persistence partition
    unmount partition
    format to ext3
    label persistence

    boot into live persistence usb

    open terminal
    e2label /dev/sdb3 persistence
    mkdir -p /mnt/my_usb
    mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/my_usb
    echo “/ union” > /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf
    umount /dev/sdb3

    I'm at a total loss now.

    Thanks in advance and have a great day guys

    ps. apologies if i shouldn't have made this a new thread.
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    1. Burn the image.....then
    2. Use Gparted to make a new partition with label persistence ,file system ext4 ,primary.....then reboot...... the live usb persistence option from the boot menu.......
    4.them type - mkdir -p /mnt/my_usb
    5. Mount it by - mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/my_usb
    6. Type - echo "/ union" > /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf

    Now type in -- umount /dev/sdb3 && reboot

    next time you boot.... Boot in "live usb persistence (amd64) "

    I hope this helps

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    Hi Kali-for-good, my issue at the moment if you look at the images I attached to my post is that I don’t seem to have the regular Kali boot menu where I have the option to choose “Live usb persistence (amd64)”

    Many thanks

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