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Thread: Problem = regulatory.db____ ath10k/pre-cal-pci____ath10k/cal-pci

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    Unhappy Problem = regulatory.db____ ath10k/pre-cal-pci____ath10k/cal-pci

    Hello good night

    To start I want to tell you that I come here as a last resort .. I spent some time looking and understanding ..
    For those who would tell me to go on debian, I would like but I still have more firmware to update ...

    My wifi configuration:

    WINDOWS 10 __ Atheros QCA6174 __ (DUAL BOOT)

    My PB:

    - Under Kali 64 bits during the installation the wifi is detected

    - Firmware could not load regulatory.db;
    fail load firmware files(-2);
    fail load firmware-3.bin(-2);
    fail load firmware-2.bin(-2);
    fail not load ath10k / pre-cal-pci-0000: 02.0.0.bin;
    fail load ath10k / cal-pci-0000: 02.0.0.bin;
    fail load i915 / K1_dmc-ver1-01;

    - When the installation is complete and the authentication is done on the screen remains blocked.

    - In the passage Kali works in light version including the wifi and there is no blocking after authentic.

    I hope someone can help me install these firmware ..

    Thank you all. Have a nice day / Have a nice evening!

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    I can't follow you but for the firmware, you should always search with apt-cache: apt-cache search firmware atheros which would return 3 results but only one or 2 might be useful:
    firmware-linux-free and firmware-atheros.

    Install them with apt-get install then reboot.

    By the way, that specific chipset is very crappy and be very unstable, even under normal operations (firmware crashes) so you probably want to get a different card.

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