Has anyone here successfully installed Docker with their Odroid C2 running Kali? Or any other ARM hardware platform like the Raspberry Pi or Banana Pi?

I imagine it can be done if the correct repository could be found (or created).

This is desirable due to the fact that the machine name is "aarch64" instead of "arm64". What this means is that there are many Debian packages that aren't, at this time, readily available for Kali on the Odroid C2. (The machine name is viewable by executing "uname -m".)

I have been trying to find a way to install Sublime Text 3 or Atom (nice text editors) in Kali on the Odroid C2 and it occurred to me that Docker could be a good solution. Those text editors aren't readily available for "arm64", nevermind "aarch64". Docker could be a good workaround, but it seems to have the same problem of not being available for the Odroid C2 Kali image.

Related issues that put me on this path:

1. The kernel headers don't seem to be included in the Odroid C2 image, which makes running "make" on some things impossible, in particular any rtl8812au driver for monitor mode capability. I haven't checked the other Odroid or Raspberry Pi images for the presence of "linux-headers", but that's only because I don't own the hardware yet (Odroid XU3, Raspberry Pi 3).
2. What wireless adapters are supported "out of the box" for monitor mode and packet injection for the Odroid C2. For example, AFAIK, the only wireless adapter that supports the a band seems to be the Alfa AWUS051NH and it works very well in the current Odroid C2 Kali ARM image. Other adapters like the AWUS1900 and the AWUS036ACH don't have a working rtl8812au driver that supports monitor mode and packet injection.

I will keep looking for any Debian repositories that could be used to get Docker installed on the Odroid C2 image.

Thanks in advance for any help on how to address these limitations of the Odroid C2 Kali image.