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Thread: Asus ROG strix kali boot graphics problem

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    Asus ROG strix kali boot graphics problem

    Hi everyone. I think I should start from the beggining. A few days ago I got Asus ROG Strix GL503VD laptop. It had PCIe SSD and HDD. I replaced HDD with SSD SATA as I wanted dual boot windows 10 with kali. (Kali as main). So laptop had 2 SSDs: preinstalled windows on first one and clean second SSD. I tried to install debian 9 and had a problem and I will talk about it later. After 2 times fail I decided to install kali. But this time I cleaned both my SSDs.
    @Both disks now are MBR I am not sure if this matters.
    And before installing the linux I did a research and found the right setting for BIOS
    Secure Boot - OFF
    Legacy Support - ON
    For SATA - AHCI
    CSM Support - ON
    //Fast Boot - OFF (Even from windows control panel)
    So I had the same problem with kali. It installs without any error. I tried both manual and automatic install, both with mirrors and without, both with firmware scan and without. In every possible way like 8 times already. I really thought that could help.
    Kali installs I go to GRUB after run it gives the problem. (I'll talk about the problem a little later)
    I installed windows on the second (SATA) windows. I am still running it.
    Tried to boot linux even when I plugged of the SATA SSD. As a single system.
    After grub I get this "ERROR1"(I'll attach) and get a complete black screen. (like it is off) But my fans are running and even keyboard LED is on.
    So I decided to plug HDMI to my monitor. I could see only kali login screen background image(gray one. Not sure if was solid gray). I opened tty tried to log in but in gave "ERROR2" (CPU STUCK) and froze. Read a lot and talked to other people. Tried
    a few times added splash @not sure what it does
    But the problem stays the same. Screen stays black(~OFF) after boot.
    If anybody could help me I will be very grateful. I spent 3 days on this even didn't sleep one night. I really want to get kali in this Laptop. I am a new linux user. By the way I don't need my windows if it needs to be formated to get kali working I can reinstall it any time.
    Thank you so much for your time and reading my first post ever.
    I hope you could see the images if not I will try to upload when I resize it. I am just at college now.
    OR I will just copy..
    dev/sda1: recovering journal
    dev/sda2: Superblock last mount time is in the future.
    (by less than a day, probably due to the hardware clock being incorrectly set
    /dev/sda1: clean #/# files. #/# blocks
    # platform regulatory.o firmware: failed to load regulatory.db(-2)
    # firmware_class: see missing firmware
    ERROR2 =====On monitor screen with HDMI in tty menu =========

    NMI watchdog: Watchdog detected hard LOCKUP on cpu 6
    numbers wathdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#4 stuck for 22s kworker/4:1:70]

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    Nvidia Graphic cant be usable .

    it is use intel Graphic inside i7 .

    It can't be use Nvidia . remove Nvidia drivers purge , and you may can boot kali .

    hope this can help you

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    Should I do what you said about Nvidia drivers or continue trying to solve my touchpad problem?

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    I have the same laptop and this article was able to solve the graphics/boot problem for me:

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    I could boot only after disable internal pointing device from my bios. (touchpad) Now I it is not working neither in bios, nor windows or linux. I have to go with a mouse.
    But my kali has a lot of problems, such as brightness control. Every time I try to install drivers something will broke. I reinstalled it 3 times already. But kinda learn new things with every time. It is hard to be new in linux^^ Thank you all Guys!

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