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Thread: kali with fluxion only

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    kali with fluxion only

    hi all

    Is it possible to strip kali until only fluxion remains?
    there are a lot of tools,but right now im only focusing on fluxion.

    I made a live usb persistent on a 16gb flash drive using light kali version.
    the non-persistent partition is only 4gb +(-) setting aside around 10gb for persistent.
    I cant even use fluxion due to the updates & upgrades that quickly fills the flash disk,making it non-operable.

    my objective:
    if i cannot strip down, kali leaving only fluxion
    is it possible to create a persistent partition that are located on 2 separate flash drive?


    8gb flash
    partition 1 : 4gb of kali
    partition 2 : 4gb of persistence (part1)

    16gb flash drive
    all space will be allocated for persistence (part2)

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    Just a side note: Kali is Debian, filled up with useful pentesting stuff. You don't want the stuff, so take a lightweight Debian (Lubuntu ...) and install Fluxion.

    Quote Originally Posted by ylac View Post
    I cant even use fluxion due to the updates & ugrades quickly fills the flash disk,making it non-operable.
    What about just denying updates?

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    Ive read that adding kali repository list inside ubuntu's source list will break ubuntu

    Is it possible to update just the fluxion tools instead of a system wide update in kali?

    Im thinking of installing synaptic and remove all un needed apps inside kali. Im just worried about dependencies.

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