Installed 2018.2 on a 32bit (Originally) Windows 2 in 1 tablet PC, the model being an iView I896QW. The keyboard is really crappy and doesn't work 90% of the time so I was relying on the touchscreen implementation in Kali but to no avail, and it's not like the screen just has the wrong sensitivity/scaling, it just doesn't register that I'm touching. Also, while not as important and just as infuriating, the screen orientation is fine in landscape but upside down when I (try) and rotate to portrait, and when it goes to sleep it looks like it shorts the LCD while leaving the backlight on leading to a rainbow of colors being displayed then faded. Finally, the furthest thing down on my list of problems being my bluetooth drivers being non-existent, so much so that it doesn't even pick up the fact that there's a bluetooth chip in the first place and my power button is not putting it to sleep. Should I just reinstall and try again or are there legitimate fixes for my problems?

Tl;Dr: Touchscreen, bluetooth, and power button no work-y, reinstall or fix problems?