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Thread: UEFI boot setting not letting me boot Kali off a USB

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    UEFI boot setting not letting me boot Kali off a USB

    So I want to boot kali straight off on a 128gb USB but for some reason it's not working.
    Secure boot is disabled and still my boot setting can't recognize the USB. The way I am installing the OS is simply booting the installer on a 8gb USB and installing it on the 128gb USB.
    I formatted both the drives with both FAT32 and NTFS.
    I have used rufus, unetbootin, USB installer, win32 disk imager and rawrite32 and still nothing works.
    I formatted the drives with MBR partition

    - Machine: Dell Inspiron 13-7378
    - USBs: Strontium 32 GB usb, Sandisk 128gb usb
    - Kali 2018.2 ISO, sha256 matches
    - I've downloaded the ISO twice now

    Thanks guys

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    Have you turned off 'SECURE BOOT'...........turn it off if it is ON!

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