I recently set up a virtual machine for Kali Linux using a preset OVA file for virtualbox. I get it all set up and the Kali GRUB menu shows up in the VM I select Kali to boot and it brings me up to a black screen with a blinking white cursors and I'm stuck there.

After some searching on the internet the only given solution to this issue is to enable virtualization in the BIOS (which I already had enabled to begin with), and/or disable 3d acceleration in VirtualBox (something I also had already done).

I have a 1070 NVIDIA card in my computer if that aids in diagnosing this issue, as the GPU has given me issues with installing a bare metal linux distro before, though I'm not sure if the same rules apply to a virtual machine. If anyone has any idea as how I could get Kali to boot past this black screen please let me know!