Dear All,

I have done a "full installation" (not inside virtual box, but directly on hdd) of Kali 2018.2 (32 bit) yesterday on my Lenovo G570 laptop with broadcom wireless chip.

During the installation itself, I connected to WiFi. After completing the installation, I logged in as root, opened firefox and entered . But it could not connect to internet. I restarted the system and tried again. But still no internet connectivity inside Kali. But other devices connected to same wifi are getting internet connection. Also, i have used other linux distributions like Parrot Security OS 4.1 on this laptop and it never had any problem with wifi or internet connection.

Do I need to configure some settings after a fresh install of Kali?

Is there anything wrong with the wifi driver?

What exactly is the problem here?
Someone please help me with this. I was so eager to use kali, but now it is completely useless without internet connection.

Please help.