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Thread: I've seen the threads on 90% hangs re: 6.0.1, but...

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    I've seen the threads on 90% hangs re: 6.0.1, but...

    I went through everything I could find, did a fresh install on a Nexus 5, it did hang at 90% (didn't see the thread on using a different recovery until too late, used twrrp). I left for awhile, then re-booted. It loaded fine, with working wifi...

    Since it did hang at 90, does that mean it failed to finish installing something? I drop into term and everything seems to be there and working. I would just hate a surprise to pop up when I needed something.

    Haven't plugged in external wifi yet, but will check that in a bit.

    I've also seen a few threads about not running the regular apt update/upgrade, should I steer clear of that?


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    If you check the running messages on your fone it would say something like checking for chroot in su or something. If it takes longer than expected reboot system. So I think its ok.

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