I recently bought a raspberry pi 3 model b for fun. I found out that you could install Kali Linux on the pi so I did the installation went quick and easy. I put the micro sd into the pi it booted up everything working fine. I didn't use it for a week or so and I came back to the pi I plugged everything back in and it started to boot but show a rainbow color screen like a boot loop after a while it tells me "WELCOME TO EMERGENCY MODE" type my root password to gain access or something I haven't changed the password yet. And also an error saying "Failed to start file system check on root device Kali Linux" and "systemmd-fsck0root.service failed". I have looked everywhere and can't find an answer for this error on Kali Linux anywhere.

I'm very annoyed that I can't find a good enough answer or way to fix the issue hopefully coming on this forum will be able to help.
If you do know how to fix this issue please comment on this thread it would be much appreciated

thank you.