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Thread: Kali Live with Persistence 2018.2 apt-get upgrade takes too long

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    Kali Live with Persistence 2018.2 apt-get upgrade takes too long

    Hello guys,

    I am running Kali Live with persistence on my Asus n550jk - intel i7 - Kingston 32 gb USB 3.0 usb drive - 16 GB ram.

    It tool literally about 9 hours to complete ?apt-get upgrade? command. Espacially in ?Unpacking new versions on old versions.?. First of all is it normal to take 9 hours?

    I did not install any other program after re-installation, I suspect my Kali does not make use of USB 3.0 support or 16GB ram or intel i7 core. Is there a way to make sure my Kali Live with persistence uses all of my Asus N550JK laptops abilities?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had the same issue, I thought maybe it was to do with sharing the usb ports with the usb kali stick, my wireless ap, and my mouse. I now just save what I need to save in a folder on the desktop and re-install the weekly image every 3 weeks or month...goes pretty quick once you have done it a few times. Keeps everything fresh! Also I hate troubleshooting for hours lol. I would say try a usb slot on the other side of the laptop or disconnect another usb device to see if that is an issue, I am sure your usb drive or system is not the issue. Fast usb memory makes it much better experience for install or update!

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