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Thread: Bullhead and Oreo installation problems....

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    Bullhead and Oreo installation problems....

    I compiled the .zip file and it appeared to have installed just fine on my Nexus 5X. When I reboot into the phone, the Nethunter logo and background display, but there are no Nethunter apps. Any ideas what could be the problem?

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    No ideas here; I have the exact same situation. Nice boot animation and background wallpaper, but no Nethunter apps. (Nexus 5x) If I figure it out I'll update here.

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    I've finally got this working on my Nexus 5x! Here's what you need to do:
    (I'm assuming that if you, like me, have the boot animation and background wallpaper, but no Nethunter apps, then you've unlocked the bootloader and installed a custom Recovery like TWRP. Message back if that's not right.)
    You're going to want an app called Magisk Manager. This will help you get root and provide root access to the various Nethunter apps. (I'm also assuming you're using the most up to date stock android possible, 8.1 as of Dec. 2018.)
    Grab that from here and save it to your phone. Reboot into Recovery and use TWRP to install the .zip file to set up Magisk Manager.
    From here it gets easier. When your phone restarts, use Magisk Manager to download NetHunter. You just open Magisk Manager, go to the Downloads option, and there's a Kali Nethunter download/install option! Start up NetHunter and it will ask you some preliminary questions. Among the setup it needs is to download the chroot environment. Guess what - the auto-download link for it is broken, of course!
    You still need the chroot environment. So, grab the kalifs-armhf-full.tar.xz file from this link and save it to your phone.
    Now the tricky part: that file shows up in TWRP Recovery file manager as /sdcard/downloads/kalifs-armhf-full.tar.xz but it needs to be renamed kalifs-full.tar.xz and saved in /sdcard/ using TWRP Recovery file manager.
    Once you've got that, you can open the NetHunter app on your phone again, select install chroot, and then instead of downloading the latest, select to use the sdcard. It should find that kalifs-armhf-full.tar.xz file you downloaded, moved, and renamed and install it.
    Finally! Ok, not just yet.
    You've still got to add modules and update NetHunter. Of course, NetHunter tries to pull from a repo without a signing key and doesn't work. This should leave you in a terminal emulator. (And without root permissions, but that's what Magisk Manager is for!) In the terminal emulator, you probably can see this coming, apt-get update then apt-get upgrade then apt-get autoremove then apt-get autoclean then apt-get dist-upgrade then apt-get autoremove then reboot your phone.
    Whew! You're done. Fully installed and working for May of 2019 on the Nexus 5x!

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