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Thread: Multiple Firmware Bugs + "Failed to start Network Time Synchronization" + other things

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    Question Multiple Firmware Bugs + "Failed to start Network Time Synchronization" + other things

    Linux version 4.14.0-kali3-amd64 (gcc version 7.2.0 (Debian 7.2.0-18)) #1 SMP Debian 4.14.12-2kali1 (2018-01-08)

    So i am dual-booting Kali Linux with Windows 10 on a Lenovo Ideapad 320 AMD-A12 7th Gen.

    When i boot Kali, i have a few issues that come up:

    [0.023008] [Firmware Bug]: AMD-Vi: IOAPIC[4] not in IVRS table
    [0.023015] [Firmware Bug]: AMD-Vi: IOAPIC[5] not in IVRS table
    [0.023016] [Firmware Bug]: AMD-Vi: No south bridge IOAPIC found
    [0.023018] AMD-Vi: Disabling interrupt remapping
    [13.703086] tpm_crb MSFT0101:00: cant request region for resource [mem 0xddd
    [14.560071] kvm: disabled by bios
    [18.366476] bluetooth hci0: Firmware: failed to load rt1_bt/rt18821a_config.bin (-2)

    [FAILED] Failed to start Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of backlight:acpi_video0.
    See 'Systemct1 status systemd-backlight@backlight:acpi_video0.service' for details.

    [FAILED] Failed to start Network Time Synchronization.
    See 'Systemct1 status systemd-timesyncd.service' for details.

    So i am not entirely sure which one is causing the issues i am having, which are:

    -Mouse pad is not working.
    -Unable to install new packages with 'get' or 'pip'
    -Unable to perform updates or upgrades

    I have spent hours googling all of these, i have not been able to find a solution as of yet.
    I hope to find some help here in the forum.
    If someone could just point me in the direction of a solution it would be greatly appreciated.

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    First thing you should ALWAYS do is update the kernel: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade then reboot
    Second thing is to install the firmwares, there are a bunch of packages for that, use 'apt search'

    1. AMD issues:
    2. Bluetooth: File is not present in any package, which probably means it's too recent and you'll have to wait a little bit. Dig deeper in Google and you might find a solution
    3. TPM issue: google for it if it really bothers you. It won't prevent using Linux at all
    4. Trackpad not working, you'll have to search for the exact model and see if it is supported in Linux. Assuming you mean trackpad instead of mousepad (which is what you put between a mouse and a desk).
    5. Failure to load/save screen brightness: search in google and look at the error message pointed by the error message you shown (systemctl command)
    6. NTP failure to start: no big deal, just mean there is probably no networking. Look at the advice on the line just below for details.
    7. There is no such command as 'get', I'm assuming you are talking about apt-get.

    None of those issue prevent getting packages (or perform updates), a network issue would. So, for your networking issues, I recommended looking in Debian testing tutorials to confirm that network settings are OK. There is also

    In any case, once that networking is solved, update your kernel as mentioned above and see if it resolves any issue.

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