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Thread: Can't use version 2018.03 in my RPI3

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    Question Can't use version 2018.03 in my RPI3

    I had success using the older version 2018.02 , but after updating it to 2018.03 im having some issue with the raspi3-firmware ... I tried reinstalling 3 times and downloading it again, it looks like everytime the firmware file is empty, and so dpkg shows an error everytime i try to use apt-get update, upgrade, install, etc...

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    The error comes because of a change made in the 2018.3 release to use the Debian package for the firmware. Unfortunately, there was never an update during the process of adding it so I never ran into the issue before release.

    There is a workaround, to at least get rid of the error.

    You'll want to add the following to /etc/fstab:

    tmpfs         /boot/firmware tmpfs rw 0 0
    At the bottom, and then simply run "mount /boot/firmware" (or reboot) and re-run the update.

    This allows the package to update, which is good, but does not copy the new files into place.

    Debian uses a different mounting layout than we do, and their check is for /boot/firmware to be mounted, instead of just /boot.

    Once the update succeeds, you will want to
    cp /usr/lib/raspi3-firmware/* /boot/
    to use the new firmware.

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    The same happened with me THNX!

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