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Thread: How to make/create an offline repository

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    How to make/create an offline repository

    Good afternoon/night.

    I would like to know if it's possible to create an offline kali linux apt-get repository. The reason for this is because I'm currently in the process of creating an custom iso but for some reason it fails at the end of the proces. To download all the 2717 needed packages @ 2414 MB over and over again is a pain in my rear-end.

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    You can do a mirror but it will be much bigger than 2.4Gb. I never done it but there are lots of tutorials to do debian mirrors and you most likely just have to change the URL.

    You can also do apt-cacher-ng. It is a proxy and will download the packages the first time they are requested then cache them. Any future query will take from the cache (unless one or more packages are updated).

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