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Thread: Dual Boot - Win10 Bitlocker + Kali LUKS - GRUB Lost After Enabling Bitlocker

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    Dual Boot - Win10 Bitlocker + Kali LUKS - GRUB Lost After Enabling Bitlocker

    Installed Windows 10
    Installed Kali with LUKS

    On Booting receive choice of booting via GRUB and both OS are in working order

    Enable Bitlocker and encrypt

    Lose GRUB and boot directly to Win10 Bitlocker screen

    I tried booting into Kali Live with a USB stick successfully and found some tutorials on how to use mnt and bind commands but there are all specific to certain configurations and I'm using LUKS with an unencrypted Linux boot partition.

    Here is my system information - I know I can fix it somehow but this is definitely at a lower level than anything I typically work with and I don't want to screw it up by trying to bastardize some tutorial that doesn't exactly match my situation with nvme ssd with uefi, bitlocker win10 and kali luks.

    You can see I mount the right partition with the Linux boot information on it which also used to have the windows 10 boot information as it was installed after windows 10 originally - so my concern is whether or not if I recover this if there is anything with bitlocker that has changed the windows partition whereby if I restructure things to use the old grub without changing something that I lose windows now.

    Is there a way to recover grub then probe for the windows 10 changes for bitlocker?

    You can see the information in the screenshots below, basically looking for someone to hold my hand through the commands (meaning to list them all out separately) if possible please?



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    So, I fixed the issue myself - if you mount the partition that has the EFI information on it you can see the list of OSs that are there to understand what bcdedit command to run on windows 10 to fix the problem. You can find this information by booting to a live version of kali then mounting the partition and listing the contents.

    I made sure secure boot was off in the BIOS, suspended bitlocker, booted into windows 10 and logged in and ran the following command which is specific to my machines configuration
    from an administrative DOS cmd prompt

    "bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\kali\grubx64.efi" without the double quotes

    After doing this and booting up I had my grub menu back and the option to boot into either windows 10 or kali.

    Hope this helps someone else

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