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Thread: Kali ARM, RPI3: Corrupt Disk After apt dist-upgrade

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    Kali ARM, RPI3: Corrupt Disk After apt dist-upgrade

    Hello All,

    I am using an RPi3 with a 7" touchscreen and installing Secure Kali Pi 2018.
    I installed Kali on a Class-10, 8-Gig MicroSD card using Windows.

    I have downloaded "Kali Linux RaspberryPi 2 and 3" from the official site:

    and formated the SDCard, and installed the package. I then attempted to follow along with the tutorial:

    But about 30 minutes into waiting on the update from:
    apt dist-upgrade
    the Pi crashes, then reboots only to crash and reboot again.

    I am unsure how to verify if I ran out of room on the SDCard or if the tutorial considers the B+ model only.

    Is there a way to mount this card on my PC and see why it is crashing and eventually find a fix/solution?

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    8Gb sounds a bit short. It may be a possibility that it ran out of space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister_X View Post
    8Gb sounds a bit short. It may be a possibility that it ran out of space.
    64 Gig coming in tomorrow night. Will try again and update the thread.

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    64 Gigs didn't do it... I have the same problem. Shortly after asking me about my keyboard (at about the 50% mark of using the "apt dist-upgrade
    " command) the system crashed and attempts to boot. Same sequence as described above.

    Any way to pull the SDCard, look at the data and see what went wrong??

    I am using the RPi 3B, 64 Gig Class 10 SD Card.

    EDIT: After rebooting several times I see the following upon boot:
    Kali Login: [ 16.758475] EXT4-fs error (device mmcblk0p2: ext4_lookup:1585: inode #27: comm Xorg: deleted inode referenced: 126727)

    I have several errors and one that says bad header. I also can not load startx

    fsck yeilds:
    e2fsck: cannot continue aborting

    The full error can be seen here:

    Any tips?

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    For those coming across this post..

    Solution posted to:

    While my error was not the same, the above fix provided a solution.
    In short:

    pico /etc/fstab
    at the last line add the following:
    tmpfs         /boot/firmware tmpfs rw 0 0
    Reboot or run:
    mount /boot/firmware
    Then you can update the package, once done to use the new firmware:
    cp /usr/lib/raspi3-firmware/* /boot/
    Quote Originally Posted by steev View Post
    There is a workaround, to at least get rid of the error
    Thanks @steev
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