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Thread: Raspberry pi 3b+ Wifi monitoring chipset.

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    Raspberry pi 3b+ Wifi monitoring chipset.


    I'm searching for a compatible WiFi chipset for kali arm. I would like to try pentesting with my raspberry pi 3b+, I already tried the tp-link archer ac600 T2UH, and it don't work on kali 4.18 amd64.
    I also tried the tp-link tl-wn722n V2 (I didn't know which version i would have received) and it don't work on kali amd64 too.

    Do you know a good wifi chipset compatible with raspberry pi 3 b+, wifi monitoring, packet injection and with kali arm ? And it would be better to have a high gain antena.


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    As mentioned in Aircrack-ng FAQ, you can use the AWUS036NHA.

    I believe the AWUS036ACS also work on the RPi but the driver is still a work in progress, it can be unstable.

    Also, the built-in wireless adapter on the RPi works for capture and injection.

    TL;DR: don't get a high gain omni, the stock one is just fine.

    Long story: There is very little point going over 7dbi. Look up RF patterns. Here is an example:
    5dbi pattern:
    9dbi pattern:

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    I already tried airmon-ng (and i also tried with ifconfig) and airmon-ng output that Rpi 3b, 3b+ and Zero W are not compatible for monitoring.

    The AWUS036NHA is a bit expensive for me, if I buy a wifi card with the same chipset, it would be ok right ?

    Is there a "magic" wifi chipset for monitoring and packet injection ?


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