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Thread: 2018 best wifi adapter on kali-Raspberry PI 3 b+

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    2018 best wifi adapter on kali-Raspberry PI 3 b+


    which is the top wifi adapter (monitor, injection ecc ecc) to use with Kali on Raspberry?

    I saw that some have still compatibility problems (RTL8814U drivers) and other are getting old....

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    I have same request.
    So if anyone knows devices which supports monitor mode and works out-of-the-box with recent Linux kernels (and, preferably, supports 802.11ac), let us know

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    There are too many options and everyone will give you different opinions.... Do some research and searching on your own there is tons of information out there on this exact topic. Since your asking this question not to be rude but I think you should say away from a dual band card for learning and maybe down the road get another.

    For a wifi adapter that will give you the absolute most bang for your buck, capture the most packets, plug & play without any extra drivers required for almost every device and gets good range buy an Alfa AWUS036NHA. Go read this:

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    The best adapters on RPi are not different from the ones on desktops/laptops. AWUS036AC or AWUS036ACH.

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