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Thread: large graphical lag in system UI animations

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    large graphical lag in system UI animations

    Hey everybody, I'm experiencing some serious lag in many of the ui animations throughout kali across multiple reinstalls. System is not a VM. I'm running an i7 @ 4.6GHz/32GB DDR3 RAM/2 nvidia 980 TI/ 1TB samsung ssd. The lag is especially noticeable in the application menu(the fullscreen one from the dock). As an example, opening an application folder from within the menu, I get maybe 2 frames of the open and close animations spread across 2 seconds each. I've been experiencing this since the first install a few months ago and it has continued through today. The system is fully updated. I also tried updating my nvidia drivers as well following the documentation with no improvement. Anyone have an idea about how to troubleshoot this?

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    I get the same thing on my Laptop, I don't think it has to do with tech specs since you're getting the same results on a much more powerful system. I've even had it on VM's and fresh hardware installs. I've monitored what's using resources with htop, and gnome-shell spikes when scrolling through the application menu and sub folders with in it. It could just be something with gnome, since I don't have issues using XFCE or Plasma, but I do prefer gnome to the other two.

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