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Thread: Chromebook SD card is mounted /dev/sdb and won?t boot

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    Chromebook SD card is mounted /dev/sdb and wont boot

    On my HP Chromebook, I have recently been trying to install Kali Linux on a SD card, dual booting Linux and Chrome OS. Since my Chromebook only has 16GB, I need to use an external storage device and SD cards are a slim fit for the Chromebook.

    My issue is:
    when both, the SD card and the flash drive, are in, the flash drive is mounted to /dev/sda and the SD card is mounted to /dev/sdb. This would not be an issue, except, when I install the grub to sdb' and restart, Linux gives me an error and sends me to initramfs.

    The thing is though, when I leave the flash drive in, it boots up and works. I made sure I set up the partitions manually as well as the grub location. I have tried to flip the mounting points so that the SD card would be sda, but I could not figure out how to do that.

    What can I do?

    Image of the error:
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