Dear Kali crafters,

So I've got Kali running on USB with persistence (and imaged it), and my very first step in modifying is: I want to disable autologon. So it's either a matter of getting autologon=false (etc.) to save to the persistence settings, or just doing away with the gdm3 settings altogether.

I've been able to edit root/etc/gdm3/daemon.conf and I guess trial and error will help me basically turn everything to false, or REM everything I don't want, (basically want to shut every autologon option off).

Here's the question though: I save the daemon.conf and then it's gone back to normal after the persistence load (i go and gedit it again and nothing saved). I've tried saving, say, daemon.conf-old and editing the original and both the changes and the oldfile are gone. I kind of feel like messing with the daemon.conf has wrecked my persistence at least once.

Help me out with tips on getting this to save? Can I just remove the daemon file to have a normal user/pass logon every boot? Thanks.